REALSENSE is your partner in monitoring systems for the water sector.

REALSENSE focuses on the design and maintenance of monitoring networks, and applies the RealSense data loggers in the process. Applications consist of groundwater, surface water, waste water, precipitation or other related applications.

But REALSENSE does more than that! Thanks to its years of experience in the water sector, REALSENSE is able to provide its customers with excellent advice in the best choice for measuring equipment and monitoring software. For the accessibility, visualisation and analysis of the measurement data, REALSENSE closely cooperates with I-Real. By partnering with the software specialist and developer of the process automation system H2gO, REALSENSE can offer you the most suitable total solution.

REALSENSE your partner in monitoring systems:
Measurement system (RealSense data logger and sensors) + Monitoring software (H2gO) = Monitoring system

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